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BOCC ChambersAdministrative Codes

Administrative Codes are the official compilation of the administrative rules and regulations of the county.
All codes are in PDF format.

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Administrative Code Subjects

1 Administration
--- Animal Services
2 Committees/Boards/Commissions/Examiners
3 Financial/Fiscal/Budget
4 Purchasing/Contracts
5 Facilities/Property/Equipment/Vehicles
6 Human Resources/Employees
7 Safety/Risk Mtg/Disaster Preparedness
8 Permits/Certificates
9 Economic Development
10 Utilities/Refuse
11 Transportation and Traffic Management
12 Codes and Building Services
13 Development/Planning/Zoning
14 Leisure Services
15 Human Services
16 Surface Water Management


The Administrative Codes section of the Lee County website is maintained by the Division of Public Resources.