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List of Littoral Plants


The following is a limited list of commercially available shoreline plants acceptable to meet the Lee County Code. It is by no means a complete listing of acceptable species.

Littoral (Shoreline) Herbaceous Plants:  (below normal water level)
0"-3" 3"-12" 12"-24" 24"-36"


Water surface - 3" below normal water level

Maidencane Panicum hemitomon
Softrush  Juncus effusus
Swamp Lily  Crinum americanum
GoldenCanna* Canna flaccida

3" - 12" below normal water level

Arrowhead  Sagittaria lancifolia
Bulrush  Scirpus spp.
Spikerush  Eleocharis spp.
Sand Cordgrass*  Spartina bakeri
Blueflag Iris  Iris virginicus

12" - 24" below normal water level

Spikerush  Eleocharis spp.
Pickerelweed  Pontederia cordata
Bulrush  Scirpus spp.
Salt Jointgrass*  Paspalum vaginatum

24" - 36" below normal water level

Fragrant Water Lily Nymphaea odorata


* indicates salt tolerance