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Request for Action

If you have a complaint about a traffic signal malfunctioning, damaged or missing stop sign, or debris obstructing the road, it is important that we address these problems as soon as possible. Please call the Request for Action Hotline at (239) 533-9400 or fill out this Request for Action Form online.

What is the nature of your Request for Action?

  • Drainage Problem (culvert or ditch/swale)
  • Pothole or Pavement Drop-Off
  • Street sweeping
  • Vegetation obstructing line of sight (sight distance)
  • Tree/palm trimming
  • Right-of-way mowing
  • Right-of-way landscaping
  • Traffic Signal Complaint
  • Traffic Sign Complaint
  • Debris or Trash along roadway
  • Large dead animal in the roadway 
  • Canal or drainage pond maintenance
  • Graffiti 
  • Broken sidewalk/bike path
  • Damage guardrail or handrail
  • Unauthorized objects in the right-of-way
  • illicit discharge or illegal dumping
  • Other request 



If you are reporting an emergency road condition problem after 5:30 p.m., or on a weekend or holiday, please call the Lee County Emergency Operations Center at (239) 337-2000.

Lee County Jurisdiction:

  • Lee County DOT maintains all traffic signals, with the exception of those under construction, through agreements with the Florida DOT and with cities.
  • Lee County DOT has jurisdiction over county-maintained roads only, but can assist you with referral to other agencies.
  • Search County-maintained roads


State Roads, Interstate 75 and U.S. Routes:

For signs, markings and roadway maintenance on state roads (S.R.), Interstate 75 and U.S. routes, contact Florida DOT at (239) 985-7800.

Street Lighting:

Other than selected major county roads, most street lighting is maintained by Florida Power & Light (FPL) at (800) 468-8243 the Lee County Electric Coop (LCEC) at (239) 6-2300.

Lee County does not maintain street lighting within subdivisions or along non-county maintained roads. Call (239) 533-9500 if unsure who to contact.