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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is currently doing a "flood insurance restudy" of the flood risk for Lee County. This restudy consists of determining the extents and levels from the 100-year storm event for both coastal surge (hurricane) and riverine flooding (rainfall).Under the present schedule, the preliminary study and mapping were submitted to the community in July 2006.

FEMA Hazard Mapping
Lee County Flood Insurance Study 
FEMA - 2008 (17.7 MB Zipped)

Revised July 20, 1998 Flood Insurance study 
By the Federal Emergency Management Agency
(6.6MB in a PDF file)


FEMA  Models

The following models are part of the revised FEMA Flood Insurance Study for Lee County (FIS, dated on February 2008).  The revised FIS, including the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and the models, will be effective on August 28, 2008.

Coastal model 
zip file 2.28 MB

Riverine Model 
zip file 49.9 MB  Some riverine models could be out-of-date.  Please contact Ms. Joan LaGuardia (233-533-8705) for potentially updated version.

Revised preliminary Shapefiles from Michael Baker 01/08 
zip file 23 MB

FEMA Floodplain Shapefiles