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The Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) is an ongoing Capitol Improvement Project that was created to assist with drainage and flooding problems in various areas throughout the County. The projects performed through NIP include basic maintenance (i.e. exotic vegetation removal) or structural improvements (i.e. culvert installation) to assist with drainage improvement in areas where thereis no apparent responsible entity and the lack of drainage has become a chronic health and safety issue.




1.  Bayshore Canal Restoration

2.  Luckett Extension Ditch Maintenance

3.  Veterans Parkway/Scallop Lane Drainage Improvements

4.  Suncoast-N. Canal Maintenance

5.  Upriver Drainage Improvements

6.  Tamiami Estates Drainage Improvements

7.  Happy Bull Farms Drainage Improvements


Contact information:  Wanda Wooten, Project Mgr.; Ph: 239-533-8138; e-mail: