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The Powell Creek Restoration Dredging Project began as an effort to restore the health of this urban creek system.  The construction of the Powell Creek Bypass Channel in 1986 resulted in diminished flow through the natural creek system. The slower flow has allowed sediments to settle out into the natural creek, further restricting the flow, and providing a foothold for aggressive invasive vegetation to infest the creek.

An initial baseline/feasibility study begun in 2005 identified areas of the creek that needed maintenance dredging.  The necessary state and federal permits to perform the removal of sediment from the natural creek were acquired in 2009. 

In 2011, funding became available to conduct the actual sediment removal. The project was bid out and, on January 10, 2012, the Board of County Commissioners approved contracting Gator Dredging to conduct the dredging project. Actual dredging began around February 14, 2012.  Approximately 65% of the dredge work was completed by June, 2012.  Work was temporarily halted in order to acquire necessary state and federal permit modifications.  Work is scheduled to resume around mid November, 2012 and be completed by December 31, 2012.

In conjunction with the dredging project, Natural Resources constructed an addition to an existing weir structure in the Powell Creek Bypass Channel.  The addition raised the elevation of the structure and allowed for restoration of historic flows into the natural creek.



Bid Construction Plans:
Powell Creek Bid Plans (Information only)

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