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LeeGROWS (Government Resource and Orientation Workshop Series)

Thank you for your inquiry into the LeeGROWS Program. The program consists of five one-day sessions running consecutively each Thursday and occasionally on Tuesday. We start at 8 a.m. and return about 3 p.m. Each class is comprised of about 30 to 40 participants. Parking and lunches are included at no charge. It's our hope that you take this opportunity to get an understanding of what happens "behind the scenes" of Lee County government. Here's a peek of what you'll see and hear.

Utilities Water Treatment Plant
Lakes Park Facilities Presentation
Fiesta Village Wastewater Treatment Plant
Medical Examiners Office

20th Judicial Circuit/Judges
Court Administration
Public Defender
State Attorney
Clerk of Courts
Property Appraiser
Supervisor of Elections
Tax Collector
Equal Opportunity
County Attorney

Department of Transportation
Recycling Facility
Waste to Energy Facility
911 Dispatch/ Emergency Operations Center
Human Services

Sports Development
Parks & Recreation
Ball Park Tour
Six Mile Cypress Slough
County Lands 20/20
Extension Services
Domestic Animal Services
Southwest Florida International Airport

Sheriff's Office
Jail Tour
Veterans' Services
Visitor & Convention Bureau
Health Department
Lee Tran
Economic Development
Community Development
Public Resources
Budget Services
County Administration

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For More Information,
Contact Public Resources
Phone: 533-2737
Email: LeeGROWS@leegov.com


You can see a schedule of upcoming classes and register for a LeeGROWS class online with our Class Schedule & Registration Form.