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 Mandatory Business Recycling

Mandatory Business Recycling

Ordinance No. 07-25

The Board of County Commissioners on Sept. 11, 2007, adopted Ordinance No. 07-25 
relating to Mandatory Recycling of Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Solid Waste, and Construction and Demolition Debris. What you need to know: 
Who is affected by this ordinance?
Businesses and Multifamily Dwelling Units (Condos, Apartments, etc.) in unincorporated Lee County and the City of Bonita Springs
What material am I required to recycle?
The recyclable material that by weight takes up most of your solid waste stream of the following:
1.      Fiber (office paper, cardboard, newsprint, magazines, junk-mail, fiberboard
         boxes, phone books, etc.)
2.      Comingled containers (plastic #1-7, container glass, aluminum, steel, tin cans)
3.      Ferrous metal
4.      Non-Ferrous metal (aluminum)
5.     Wood
6.      Other (by Solid Waste Division approval)
When did this ordinance become effective?                           
This ordinance became effective Jan. 1, 2008.

Your hauler will provide an outdoor container for your recyclables. Smaller containers for use within your business can be purchased at any home improvement center.

download a copy of the Ordinance