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OrganicLee® at Lakes Park gardens

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 Compost Sales

OrganicLee® Compost in bags has been sold to residents and businesses at our facility at 6441 Topaz Court, Fort Myers, FL 33966 for more than a year. The demand from our local gardeners and landscapers for this product has prompted the Solid Waste Division to also offer OrganicLee® Compost for purchase at the Lee County Waste-To Energy Facility Complex at 10500 Buckingham Road in East Fort Myers.

The price for one bag of OrganicLee® Compost is $2.45 (plus tax).


When purchasing OrganicLee® Compost at the 10500 Buckingham Road location, please drive up to the scale-house at the entrance of the facility and tell County staff how many bags you are purchasing. You will be asked to pay for the product at that time and receive directions to the compost loading area.

Payment can be made in cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Bulk purchases of OrganicLee® can be made at 10500 Buckingham Road, Fort Myers (at the Resource Recovery Facility) for $10.00/cubic yard plus sales tax. Trucks are loaded by Lee County staff. Pay at scales, get a ticket and then come to the compost loading area; it's that easy.


This compost benefits every Southwest Florida lawn and garden. Improved soils create healthier plants, lawns, shrubs and trees. OrganicLee is processed by Lee County at the Lee/Hendry Landfill at 5500 Church Road in Felda, FL.


For large purchases of OrganicLee® Compost, exceeding 1,000 cubic yards, please call our customer service representative for information. Such purchases are subject to availability and scheduling. Discount pricing may be applicable. 


To speak to a Solid Waste Division customer service representative, please call (239) 533-8000.       


Please note: OrganicLee® Compost may be applied in your garden and lawn during the summer months.  OrganicLee's™ Compost composition makes it exempt from the Lee County Fertilizer Ordinance that prohibits the application of fertilizers for the months of June through September.  The material generated by the Solid Waste Division is comprised of organic materials as it is primarliy derived from yard waste with the complimentary feed stock also being organic, resulting in a composted organic material.