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Welcome to the Lee County Solid Waste Division


The Divisions of Lee County Utilities and Solid Waste are now under the new

Department of Public Utilities.

The Department of Public Utilities is a newly formed department where there are significant parallels in operating practices that can be efficiently provided through shared resources.


 Started Your Spring Cleaning?

Please remember, many of the items you no longer want can be donated to a local charity for reuse.

Old chemicals, paints, fertilizers, etc. can be brought to the Topaz Facility (6441 Topaz Court in Fort Myers) for recyling.

Items that have outlived their usefull life can be placed in the trash for conversion to electricity.

ONLY RECYCLABLE ITEMS BELONG IN THE RECYCLE BIN - Plastics labeled #1 - #7, cardboard, paper, glass bottles and jars, and metal or aluminum cans.

Questions? Please call one of our friendly customer service representatives at 239-533-8000.



Size it Right! 

Lee County Ordinance 11-27 requires that your garbage can be no larger than 40 gallons with two handles and a tight-fitting lid.

Please do not place larger containers at the curb. Each garbage can (including contents) or heavy mil plastic bag should weigh no more than 50 pounds.



The Solid Waste Division has seen more non-recyclable trash entering the Material Recycling Facility.  Reducing the amount of trash in your recycling container will enhance our ability to produce marketable products.

Please ensure that the recyclable material you put in your recycling container is truly recyclable and NOT TRASH.  Thank you.



Interactive Map Helps You Find Your Waste Pickup Days

Find My Waste Pickup Days is an interactive map that allows you to search by address or street name – or simply zoom in on a map – to find your pickup days for garbage, recycling and yard waste. Lee County Solid Waste service areas include unincorporated Lee County, the City of Bonita Springs and the Town of Fort Myers Beach.

Our Mission:

To ensure the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens
of Lee County by providing a responsible and economical

solid waste management system


Over the past 20 years, Lee County has developed one of the country's most successful and sustainable recycling and solid waste management systems.

Lee County has consistently reported from 35 to 42 percent of documented recycling activities for more than 12 years and was named Florida's top county for recycling success in 2008.

We applaud Lee County residents and businesses for supporting our recycling program. Including energy recovered from our Waste To Energy Facility, Lee County has already exceeded Florida's 75 percent recycling goal.

The Solid Waste Division plans to continue implementing programs that make recycling, resource recovery and responsible waste management easier. We pledge to strive for even more effective and sustainable solutions for the future.  

Our Motto:
"There is no such thing as trash; everything is of value."

We ask you to pledge continued support of a clean and sustainable world through your ongoing recycling efforts.

Thank you.