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Roll Call!


The most sustainable communities grow from public ENGAGEMENT and SUPPORT! Get involved in your local government through GROW SUSTAINABILITY, a virtual public meeting held throughout August and September as we gear up to gather community ideas for our Sustainability Plan.  


You can get involved via Lee County Sustainability’s Facebook page and Lee County Sustainability Twitter page @sustainleeco.  Help us spread the word and increase our following so we can better understand the community's goals for a more sustainable Lee County.


You can become a SUSTAINABILITY CHAMPION by “showing up” to the virtual meeting to get involved in the future of sustainability in Lee County, learn about challenges our community faces, and give us your ideas.



Here are four easy ways you can help:

Invite your friends to LIKE the Sustainability Facebook page of FOLLOW us on Twitter.

Post your own COMMENT on the Sustainability Facebook wall or TWEET to us- Activity boosts visability!

Post  a PHOTO on the Sustainability Facebook wall that demonstrates sustainability (e.g.: you recycling around town; you and your friends taking an alternate form of transportation; your favorite spot in Lee County; or a photo of what makes your neighborhood unique).

We'll post some challenges here and there for you to RESPOND to as well!


In the coming months, we will be starting a Sustainability Plan Campaign on the county's new virtual town hall website, Lee County Town Hall, to gather input on specific sustainability goals.  We are collecting some great "door" PRIZES from local businesses to reward participants in the Sustainability Plan Campaign. 

If you have a prize you would like to DONATE, send us an email! We'll feature your donation on our social media sites and give you a shout out!