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As LCU Development Review Staff receive requests for fee quotes for new Developer Contributed Asset Projects, they are assigned a 'LCU' case number.  This case number may be entered into E-Connect via the above link the same way that Development Orders, Building Permits, Zoning Violations, etc. can for an up to date status of the project including any fees that may be due, review outcome, BOCC action, Warranty expiration dates, etc.

  LCU Design Manual 

For improved efficiency, it became necessary to divide the existing “Lee County Utilities Operations Manual" into two separate manuals. The Board approved this division on 02/02/2010.  The Fiscal Sections (1 through 3) of the former “Lee County Utilities Operations Manual” have now become the “Lee County Utilities Customer Service Operations Manual”.  The remaining sections (4 through 13) became Sections 1 through 10 of the “Lee County Utilities Design Manual”.


Lee County Utilities Staff is in the process of updating former sections 4 through 13 which will be posted herein for review as they become available. 



Definitions & Abbreviations  New!

Table of Contents  New!

General Conditions

General Responsibilities, Requirements & Processes  New!

Potable Water Systems New!

Sanitary Sewer Systems New!

Effluent Reuse System

Casing Requirements (See Potable Water & Sanitary Sewer System Sections)

Buildings and Structures

Standard Details

     6.19 - Fire Hydrant Locations/Clearances

     6.27 - Automatic Air Release Valve

     6.43 - Pump Station - 4" Diameter Pump Discharge Base Plate

     6.44 - Pump Station - Using Above Ground Discharge Piping

     6.45 - Pump Station - Electrical

     6.46 - Reuse Meter Station - Electrical Diagram & Notes

Standard Plan Notes


     Record Drawings Request Form

     Request for Collection System Numbering Form

     Request Letter of Availability

Cross Connection Control

Technical Specifications

      Conflict Resolution

      Table of Contents

      Division 1 - General Requirements

      Division 2 - Sitework

      Division 3 - Concrete

      Division 4 - Masonary

      Division 5 - Metals

      Division 9 - Finishes

      Division 11 - Equipment

      Division 13 - Special Construction

      Division 15 - Mechanical

      Division 16 - Electrical

      Additional Sections

Water Service Area Maps


Wastewater Service Area Maps