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Public Records Requests

Definition of Public Record: All materials made or received by an agency in connection with official business which are used to perpetuate, communicate or formalize knowledge. In no case is Lee County required to provide information that is not in this form but can be extrapolated from these materials simply to respond to a specific request.

Florida Statute: Chapter 119: Public Records (includes exemptions)

Where to Find Public Records
A sampling of public records available through Lee County Constitutional Offices

  • To search Official County Records, Tax Deed Files, Court Records and Court Cases, visit the Lee County Clerk of Courts or call (239) 533-5000.
  • To search Property DataLee County Tax Rolls, Parcel and other Reports, visit the Lee County Property Appraiser or call (239) 533-6100, toll-free (866) 673-2868.
  • To search Real Property Records, Tangible Property Records, County Held Certificates, Tax Certificates and Local Business Tax Records, visit the Lee County Tax Collector or call (239) 533-6000.
  • To search Election Results, Voter Statistics and Financial Disclosure Statements, visit the Lee County Supervisor of Elections or call (239) 533-8683. 
  • To search Arrests and Inmates, visit the Lee County Sheriff's Office or for non-emergency information, call (239) 477-1000. (For emergencies, dial 911.)


How to Request a Public Record from Lee County

  1. 1) Many public records are readily available on and its department subsites. If you do not find what you are looking for online...

2) Please review Lee County's procedure for requesting public records prior to contacting us (email is preferred to ensure accuracy). This administrative code (AC-1-8) contains important information including if/when fees will be charged and the expected waiting period.

3) All Lee County Government public records pertaining to litigation, regardless of originating department, must be requested through Deputy County Attorney Andrea Fraser, (239) 533-2236.

4) All other Lee County Government public records should be requested through the County department that maintains those records (see contacts below). If you do not know which department maintains the record, please contact County Administration.

Lee County Public Record Request Contacts 

  • Administration (Budget Services, County Manager, Equal Opportunity, Risk Management, Sustainability, Information Technology): Betsy Clayton, (239) 533-2221
  • Animal Services: Ria Brown, (239) 533-7387
  • Board of County Commissioners: Angela Edens, (239) 533-2236
  • Community Development: Joan LaGuardia, (239) 533-8585
  • County Attorney: Andrea Fraser, (239) 533-2236
  • County Lands: Karen Maguire, (239) 533-8833
  • Economic Development (Fort Myers Regional Partnership): Neidy Hernandez, (239) 338-3161
  • Extension Service: Vera Conner, (239) 533-7511
  • Facilities Services (Note: State statute exempts disclosure of security system records): Richard Beck, (239) 533-8822


 Contact List Updated: April 2013