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The Estero River Watershed boundary contains approximately 66 square miles of area, including the Halfway Creek Watershed of 5.4 square miles. The basin is located in the south-central portion of Lee County, Florida; and is bordered by Estero Bay to the west, Halfway Creek basin to the south, Imperial River Watershed to the south and east, Orange River Watershed to the north, and Six Mile Cypress and Mullock Creek watersheds to the north and west. Boundary lines as presented herein have been based upon SFWMD permit data, FDOT drainage calculations and topographic aerial maps, and verified by field reconnaissance. The watershed is approximately 15 miles in length and averages four miles in width.

The watershed boundary has changed somewhat since the 1979 "Water Management in Lee County" report. The net result of these changes has reduced the basin area by approximately three square miles. Although not significant, there have also been some changes to the boundary in regard to the "Lee County Interim Surface Water Management Plan." The changes include: omission of some area along Estero Bay based upon a well defined north-south ridge; changes to the common boundary between Mullock and Estero just east of the FP&L access road based upon SFWMD permit data; and an area located in the southeast portion of Halfway Creek basin due to I-75 data, which flows to the Imperial River basin.

In addition to subtle variations in the boundary, the watershed mapping also includes 'break lines' which denote areas of equalization with contiguous watersheds due to existing culverts or weirs. These divisions are located along the northern boundary with Orange River basin being State Road 82' along the common boundary of Halfway Creek Watershed on Williams Road; and a one-third of the Sweetwater Ranch property due to outfall of one of the three existing weirs which are constructed at equal elevation along the Halfway Creek-Estero River boundary.

During storms which affect both watersheds, it is not anticipated that these elements will have significant conveyance of runoff, however, results could differ with storms having a directional distribution. Effects of these types of occurrences were not performed as part of this study.

A general description of the Estero River Watershed boundary, excluding Halfway Creek Watershed, is as follows: bounded to the northeast by SR 82, except for a triangular portion of land to the south; along a ridge line to the west from SR 82 to and along Alico Road to Three Oaks Parkway; then along Three Oaks Parkway and abutting land to the north property line of Country Creek Estates; then west along Country Creek Estates property line proceeding past Sea Coat Line Railroad to US 41; then along a ridge line of Brekenridge Subdivision and an unplatted developed modular community to an FP&L Substation at the FP&L access road; then along the FP&L access road northwest to an intersection with a ridge line dividing the Estero River basin from Estero Bay. The east boundary line of the watershed starts at approximately SR 82 and proceeds southwesterly along a ridge line and Harper Brothers, Inc. mining property to Alico Road; then south along Alico Road to Corkscrew Road; then southwesterly along a ridge line to I-75; then northwest along ;I-75 to a division of Sweetwater Ranch created due to one of three existing weirs which outfall into Estero Watershed to Williams Road; then west along Williams Road to an FP&L access road; then north along the FP&L access road to the intersection with Estero River.

The above description is provided for general information and does not constitute a legal description for the watershed. See the watershed map on page 47A-WM for depiction of the boundary.