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  Mission Statement: 

Providing reliable information for responsible decisions that affect Lee
's environment.


*Notice - Lee County's lab data download site is currently unavailable while our servers are being moved!

Please contact Keith Kibbey or Karen Bickford to obtain our FTP download address. 


Water Quality Monitoring Site GIS Map

Harmful Algae Bloom Information

Red Tide Current Status for Southwest Florida


This page is new with a direct link to historic and very recent data (weekly updates by Sunday PM).  You can either select sites using Web-GIS tools or query sites for specific time periods and/or parameters.  Data is available for download in Access 2003, Excel or PDF format with an option for graphs and reports.  If you have advanced needs, you can download the entire database.


Lee County Environmental Laboratory
60-2 Danley Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33907


Lab Manager, Keith Kibbey