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Case NumberRegistration NumberGeneral LocationDate PostedType of VesselPriority
608FL 5667 JHEstero Bay1/30/2014Sail3a
610FL 3754 PLMurphy Oil2/6/2014Sail3a
625FL 9026 FZEstero Bay Marina6/3/2014HouseBoat3a
636N/AWeeks Fish Camp5/16/2014Power3a
639N/A1317 Driftwood Dr, NFMPontoon3a
641FL 4896 HPRoosevelt Channel7/24/2014Sail3a
643FL 4461 GXMurphy Oil7/25/2014Power3a
647Stroud creekPower3a
649N/AProsperity Point Marina8/28/2014Sail3a
650FL 2821 GXProsperity Point Marina8/28/2014Power3a
651LA 501 GXProsperiety Point Marina8/28/2014Sail3a
652FL 3963 EVCork Island8/29/2014Power3a
654FL 5636 HBCape Coral9/10/2014Pontoon3a
655FL 2976 HGCaloosahatchee River9/15/2014Power3a
656N/AHurrucane Bay9/18/2014Sail3a
657FL 9474 KD 7050 Winkler Rd/Myrelee Square9/18/2014Power3a
658FL 6216 BNHurricane Bay9/18/2014Sail3a

Owners of listed vessels should email Justin McBride or call 239-533-8130 immediately.