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With close to 1,000 permitted aids to navigation, Lee County is second only to the United States Coast Guard in permitted Aids in the State of  Florida.  These aids include channel markers, manatee signs, and a variety of regulatory buoys.

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Channel markers are an important asset for boaters enjoying the coastal waters of Lee County. They mark the safest, deepest water in the area bays and estuaries. Much of the local waters are shallow, with many shifting shoals and oyster bars. These shallow areas can be a hazard to boaters unfamiliar with them. With the aid of Lee County 's channel marking systems, boaters can safely navigate throughout Lee County waterways.

The channel markers serve a dual purpose in that they also offer protection to the sensitive natural resources of area waters. Shallow seagrass beds and oyster bars, both highly productive natural features of Lee County's coast, are not impacted by educated boaters traveling within marked channels. The seagrasses and oysters can be easily damaged by vessels motoring outside of marked channels. Propeller scarring of seagrass beds can damage them severely. Recolonization may take up to 5 years, even with ideal conditions.

For questions or information on Lee County's aids to navigation, contact Justin McBride at 239-533-8130.