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Have you ever heard the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure"? Well if you have, this page is for you! It allows business owners the opportunity to network and exchange items/products they can no longer utilize in their operations/processes. This could save you money, instead of paying for costly disposal. The P2 Program is hosting this page as an alternative for any business that wishes to get rid of unused items/products. The listing page allows other businesses a place to look for items/products that they can utilize in their business operations. There is no cost for this network opportunity.

Lee County's P2 Program is in no way responsible for the products that are exchanged through this web page network! It is very important that when products are exchanged that there is a paper trail documenting the transaction. The minimum information that should be on the paperwork is the company's names and addresses, date, the items/product and quantity that was exchanged. A bill of sale may also help for tax purposes.

If you agree to these terms and want to continue, click on the mailbox below and e-mail your name, business name, contact number and the type of items/products you want to list. Your items/products will be posted no later than the following business day and run for 30 consecutive days. After the 30 days, your listing will automatically be removed. If you wish to re-list the items/products, please e-mail the information to

Attention business owners!! Once you have exchanged the items/product and wish to have your information removed, please e -mail: or call Jayne Coles at 239-652-6131 to request the delisting of your ad.  After 30 days your items/product will automatically be removed from the listing page. If after the 30 days, your items/product has not been exchanged, and you wish to re-list your items/product, you will need to contact us again to have the listing reestablished.  


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Two 250gallon Totes: Contact Roy Brown 239-913-8249