Lee County Fertilizer Ordinance No.08-08
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New Fertilizer Ordinance

In May of 2008, Lee County Commissioners approved an ordinance limiting the use of fertilizer that took full effect in June of 2009.

To ensure the quality of our coastal waters, critical to our environment, economy, and recreation. The fertilizer ordinance, which prohibits the use of fertilizers containing Nitrogen and Phosphorus, will prevent excess nutrients from entering our waters as a result of drainage and runoff.

The ordinance regulates landscape management practices and sets rules for the application and use of fertilizers that contain Nitrogen or Phosphorus. It requires the registration and training of both professional landscapers and institutional landscapers, and sets best-management landscape and fertilizer practices.

The ordinance applies to anyone - personal or professional - landscaping unincorporated Lee County. And it provides exemptions for agriculture, golf courses, and specialized turf. The ordinance does not apply to farms, pastures, golf courses, and other specialized turf areas already under appropriate best management practices. Training for landscapers will be provided through the University of Florida Lee County Extension Service.

Fertilizers containing Nitrogen and/or Phosphorus cannot be used during the four-month rainy season, June through September. During the rest of the year, fertilizer containing Phosphorus and Nitrogen is limited. Fertilizer use is also prohibited within 10 feet of a water body, seawall, or wetland. And, if you use a fertilizer spreader, you are required to have a deflector sheild to prevent nutrient spread into water body buffers and impervious surfaces.

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