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Water quality is the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water with relationship to those characteristics' affects on human and environmental health. Water quality is measured against standards developed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Lee County's Current Water Quality Status
What You Can Do to Improve Water Quality


Effects of Pollution on Water Quality

Water pollution effects us all; our health, quality of life, property values...Florida's weather, beautiful beaches and rivers attract people to visit and live here.The health of our waters is important to our local economy because visitors and locals like to fish, dive, visit the beaches, and eat the seafood.  Poor water quality (pollution) has a negative impact on all of these activities and can damage our health under severe conditions. Lee County has experienced declining water quality over the last several years due to various factors including over-development; creation of canals that drain wetlands; increased human populations that deposit pollution resulting from various forms of waste, automobile exhaust, fertilizer, and more.

Why This Is Important To Us

In order to improve water quality in our area local government may have to upgrade or add wastewater treatment facilities, create new stormwater treatment structures and increase programs for public education. Any project that government may be required to do by law or simply in the interest of public health can potentially lead to increased taxes to offset the cost.  Pollution cannot be fixed by infrastructure alone or education alone. Each and every one of us is responsible for water quality in our community whether it is good or bad.  


What You Can Do To Improve Water Quality

Good water quality first comes from how we manage our day-to-day lives and then how we manage our stormwater run-off as a community.  Lifestyle counts! It is  far more expensive to take pollutants out of water than it is to prevent pollution in the first place. Prevention is key.


For more information about Lee County's Water Quality program contact Karen Bickford at or 239-533-8706.