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Lee County Division of Procurement Management

The goal of the Division of Procurement Management (hereinafter referred to as Procurement)  is to: (1) provide clear and concise guidelines on acceptable procurement methods; (2) provide training (classes) to equip our internal and external customers with the tools needed to obtain goods and services; (3) provide professional guidance and assistance per Administrative Codes #4-1 and #4-4; (4) procure goods and services through a competitive process when requested or if we deem necessary; and (5) monitor purchases made to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures and to determine the areas where additional training is needed.


New Lee County Website Design Coming Soon 

  Lee County is launching a new website on Wednesday, May 13. The website address,, won’t change. But it will have an updated look, refreshed content, new features and a mobile-friendly design that automatically resizes to fit any device. Please read our FAQ about the transition to the new website.


 Don't Miss Out on Lee County Bid Opportunities

Attention Lee County Vendors: Subscribe to the new Lee County Procurement Open Projects RSS feed and never miss out on a bid opportunity again. Get every new open project downloaded to your computer as soon as it's announced. For each open project - quote, bid, competitive negotiation, letter of interest, request for proposal, or request for qualification - you'll receive the project name, solicitation number, pre-bid information, opening information and contact information. 

For FAQs on how an RSS Feed works, click Here.

 In May we will be going to a new webpage.  You will need to sign up for the RSS Feed on our new webpage for Open Projects.



The County’s new Disaster Cleanup Contract has been awarded. 

You must register as a sub-contractor in order to be called in to do work in the event of a disaster.

Click here to register.

Note:  Any previous registration is now void…you MUST register under this new contract.

Questions?  Contact Lee County Procurement @ 533-5450


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