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 Solid Waste Division Trucking Operations


In early 2005, Lee County purchased four single-axle tractors with trailers and hired drivers to start an in-house ash hauling operation that was previously outsourced. As of 2012, the Solid Waste Division has six tractors with dump trailers for the ash disposal operation.

Ash trucks enter the ash house where Waste-To-Energy facility personnel load ash into the trucks using a front-end loader. The ash trucks weigh out at the plant scales (truck tare weights are on file) and proceed to the Lee/Hendry Landfill to dispose of the ash. Each truckload holds approximately 24 tons of ash, and on average, 25 to 30 loads of ash are hauled to the landfill per day.  


Lee County also performs the refuse transfer/hauling operation. The decision to use Lee County staff and vehicles was made in part due to the unreliability of contracted haulers in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley when hauling services were in very high demand. By doing its own hauling, Lee County can control the volume of refuse transferred and ensure consistent year-round hauling operations at a cost savings. 

Currently three walking floor tractor trailers are utilized to service the needs of the Hendry County Transfer Stations (24 tons per tractor and between ten and twelve loads per day).    

Additionally, two walking floor tractor trailers are used to service the demands of the mulch and compost operation.  About 250 tons of compost/mulch are hauled daily; this equals about 10 loads.

For the move of biosolids from the City of Cape Coral and City of Fort Myers, three tractors with six trailers carrying 21 tons per trailer run on average about six loads per day.