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The Lee County Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling Facility

Facts and Figures:

Processing Capacity:  500 tons per day

Construction Cost:  $3.27  million

Engineer:  HDR, Inc.

Machinex Equipment (design/build/erect)

Construction Manager:  Brooks and Freund Construction



  In May 2011, Lee County commissioned its Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Facility (CDDRF).  This facility has provided the “icing on the cake” in complimenting the County’s efforts to divert materials from landfills and support its successful Business, Multi-Family, and Construction Debris Recycling Ordinance (implemented in 2008).

The CDDRF provides efficient separation of materials for recycling and energy recovery.  The process also provides volume reduction of materials that are ultimately landfilled.  The items directed to the WTE plant include separated materials that previously would have been destined for a Class III or C&D landfill.  While the CDDRF process is not new to Florida, co-locating such a facility with an existing WTE and single-stream MRF provides synergies, between all facilities, here-to-fore unrealized.  

MRF bailers and marketing systems are used for CDDRF separated OCC and rigid plastic.  The WTE converts other separated combustibles to electricity.  Ferrous metal is marketed locally while separated concrete and residual screened materials are each re-used.  The electricity generated by the WTE powers all of these facilities.  Finally, support operations for all facilities, including scales, material transport/transfer, facility coordination, customer service, account management, etc., are all provided by County Solid Waste Division employees at one convenient location.