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 Appliances - Large  
White Goods: (For Eg: Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Water Heaters, Stoves, Dish Washers, etc.)    Call Franchised Hauler and request a special pick up.  Hauler will schedule pick up and inform you of time frame.
 Appliances - Small  
Electronic Items: (ie: Microwave Ovens, printers, etc)   Place curbside next to but separated from regular garbage.  Driver will log and tag as an electronic equipment and an electronics truck will come the following day to collect.
Toaster, Broiler, Vacuum, Hair Dryer, Iron, etc.   Dispose of in regular garbage
Residential Household Chemical Waste including Light Bulbs and Ammunition  
Ammunition & Fireworks   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz
Antifreeze   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz 
Auto/Boat/Motorcycle batteries   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz or at most Advanced/Discount Auto Parts or Walmart 
Cell Phones   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz or curbside on garbage day.  Check with phone manufacturer to take back old device.
Broken Florescent Bulbs and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs  
Click here for information on packaging and clean up of broken light bulbs
Florescent Bulb ballast (fixture)   Household Chemical Waste Facility: Topaz
Gasoline   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz or Ft. Myers Yacht Basin, 1300 Lee St., Ft. Myers, FL  33901 - 334-8271/321-7080
Household Batteries   Regular household batteries such as flashlight and radio batteries (Alkaline) if produced after 1993 can be disposed of in your regular garbage.  Anything older in years will need to be disposed of at the Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz
Medication   Keep medicines in original container. Mark out your name and prescription number. 

The Sheriff's office offers a Prescription Drug collection program.  Contact the Sheriff's Office Headquarters
14750 Ben C. Pratt Six-Mile Cypress Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33912
(239) 477-1000

You can also dispose of pills by adding some water or soda to start dissolving them.  For liquids add something inedible like cat litter, dirt or cayenne pepper. Close lid and secure with duct tape or packaging tape.  Place bottles in an opaque container like a coffee can or plastic laundry bottle.  Tape that container closed. Hide container in the trash. Do not put in recycle bin.
Motor Oil   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz or in limited amounts at Advanced/Discount Auto Parts, Auto Zone or Walmart
Paint Cans Empty   Remove lids, place in sun or sprinkle with sand or kitty litter, and after completely dry, place curbside in garbage bags and set out on regular garbage day
Paint Cans/Spray paint cans Partially Emptied   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz
Spray paint cans   Full-Household Chemical Waste Facility/Empty-garbage
Propane Tanks   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz
Re-chargeable batteries   Place in clear plastic sandwich bags and place beside your recycle bin or bring to Household Chemical Waste Collection
Misc Household Chemical Waste   Contact Household Chemical Waste Facility on Topaz Ct 239-533-8000.
Smoke detectors   Return to Manufacturer for proper disposal.
Fire Extinguishers   Household Chemical Waste Facility Topaz
Used Syringes/Sharps   Contact your local Health department site for your initial sharps container (red box). When container is full, lock lid into place to secure it from opening.  Go to for more information
 Horticultural Waste (Yard Waste)  
Christmas Trees   Remove all tinsel and decorations and place curbside on yard waste pick up day.
Clean pallets   Place curbside with garbage
Grass Clippings/Leaves   Bag, containerize, or bundle (each weighing no more than 50lbs).
Palm fronds   Up to 50lbs. can be placed unbundled at curb. Over 50lbs. needs to be bagged/containerized/bundled no heavier than 50lbs in weight.
Tree branches, brush   Branches should be cut to no longer than 6 feet in length and bagged/bundled or containerized in bundles no more than 50lbs. in weight
 Large/Bulky Items  
Boats   Fiberglass boats with out the motor and gas tank can be disposed of as MSW at the Waste-to-Energy facility on Buckingham Rd. If the boat is with the gas and motor there will be a extra fee per item of $30.00 (gas tank $30 and motor $30). You must be able to remove from trailer and dump on tipping floor.  Metal boats should be disposed of at scrap dealer.
Bricks   Containerize in boxes,buckets,trash cans, etc. in containers that weigh no more than 50lbs. each and place curbside with regular trash
Cement blocks   Containerized under 50lbs. per container or block and place curbside with regular trash, dispose of as C&D (construction and demolition) at the Waste-to-Energy facility, or at a concrete recycler such as DS&S Construction.
Bulky Items: 50 lbs or over ie (Sleeper sofa, large cabinets, etc)   Place curbside and call hauler for special pick up.
Engine blocks, large auto parts   These must be brought to a scrap dealer such as Garden Street Iron Works: 239-337-5865 or Allied Recycling: 239-334-1191
Fencing, Chain Link   Call Hauler for special pick up, concrete must be removed from bottom of poles
Fencing, Wood    2 yrds. per week may be stacked neatly and placed curbside for pick up with regular garbage.    
Mobile Homes/Campers   Fiberglass mobile homes/campers can be disposed of at Waste-to-Energy plant at regular garbage rate. Must be just shell - no appliances. Metal mobile homes/campers can be disposed of at scrap dealer.  
Mower - Push   Place curbside with regular garbage (Please drain mower of any gas or oil and dispose of those items as chemical waste-Topaz)
Mower - Riding   Drain oil, gas (any fluids) and remove battery. Contact hauler for special pick up for mower. Please note some haulers may require you to take the tires off also.
Pressure-treated lumber, Construction debris   2 yrds. per week-must be from remodeling job that did not require a permit. It may be placed curbside for collection with regular garbage.  Containerize in containers no more than 50lbs. per container if possible.  
 Miscellaneous Household Waste  
Clothing   Regular garbage or donate to charity
C&D-ie (roofing shingles, concrete, carpet, etc)   If project does not require permit, can place neatly in curbside garbage no more then 2 cubic yards at a time or containerized no heavier then 50 lbs each container.  Cut carpet down to 6ft in length and roll up neatly in sections weighing 50 lbs or less.
Floppy discs, Cd's, tapes   Regular garbage
Dishes/drinking glasses/pots and pans   Dispose of in regular garbage or donate
Hard backed books   May be placed in recycling bin if hard covers are removed, otherwise, dispose of in regular garbage. Donate to Library or Hospital/Senior Center/ etc.
Music/Computer CD's/DVD's   Regular garbage
Photos   Regular household garbage
PVC Pipe   Containerize in boxes,buckets,trash cans, etc. in containers that weigh no more than 50lbs. each and place curbside with regular trash, cut to 6' or less
Shopping Carts   Call Sheriff's office and report cart illegally dumped on property or return cart to store/shop.
Styrofoam - packaging/peanuts   Regular garbage
Tires   Passenger sized tires can be placed 2 per week curbside for regular pick up
Toilets   Regular garbage
Toys   Regular garbage 
X-Rays   X-Ray recycler - G.E. Walker, Inc. 936-6553
Joint Compound   Regular garbage.  Needs to be solidified.  If in buckets, buckets can not weigh over 50 lbs
Concrete blocks (around garden)   Regular garbage, containerized no heavier then 50 lbs at curb with garbage collection
Clay Pots   Regular garbage
Wax paper   Regular garbage
 Recyclable Items  
Aerosol cans (For eg: Air Freshners, etc)   Empty cans can be placed in recycle bin with co-mingled material. 
Cardboard boxes   Break boxes down, make sure they are no larger than 4 x 6, stack neatly next to or under recycle bin.  Stack may be bundled. Place curbside for recycle collection.
Junk mail, phone books   Place at curbside in recycle bin
Shredded papers   Shredded paper cannot be contained properly.  It has a tendency to fly out of garbage trucks and causes litter issues. It also settles with other materials at the Recycling Facility contaminating those materials.  You must dispose of shredded paper in the regular household garbage.
Electronic items: (For eg: Computers-all components, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, televisions, etc.)   Place curbside next to but separated from regular garbage.  Driver will log electronic equipment and an electronics truck will come the following day to collect.  You may also bring to 6441 Topaz Court in Fort Myers.