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 Advanced Disposal Fees (ADF) for Businesses

County staff will verify that businesses have the three essential program components in place:

            1.  Hauling contract for recyclables
            2.  Sufficient bins for collection of recyclables
            3.  An educational program for employees


Businesses found to be non-compliant with the Ordinance will be assessed the ADF as part of their monthly statement from the franchise refuse hauler.

The ADF is assessed monthly until compliance is re-established.

If the hauler is forced to suspend garbage service due to non-payment of the ADF, the business may be subject to a $300.00 fine as well as action for failure to maintain garbage service and all accrued ADFs.

ADFs are assessed based on the Department of Revenue classification (DOR code):

  • A, B                         $100.00
  • C                             $250.00
  • D,E                          $500.00