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 Prorated Solid Waste Assessment

New Construction and New Mobile Homes - Certificate of Occupancy

Prior to the Building Department issuing a Certificate of Occupancy on a residential dwelling, the builder or owner is required to pay the annual Solid Waste Assessment for a residential dwelling. This assessment covers the cost for removal of garbage, recycling, yard waste and special collections. Each improved property in Lee County is charged the Solid Waste Assessment. The assessment is prorated for the month that the Certificate of Occupancy is applied for. Subsequent assessments are charged each year on the property tax bill after the Board of County Commissioners approves the annual rate and certifies the Solid Waste Assessment Roll to the Tax Collector.

Please remember, when applying for a Certificate for Occupancy, you will be asked to supply a valid strap number and property address and/or building permit number. Thank you. 

To view the rates, please click here: Prorated New Construction Rates for Fiscal Year 2015.  

Please note that the Solid Waste Division will charge the full residential assessment rate in the month of September, minus a 4 percent discount for each unit, for the appropriate franchise area.

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