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North Fort Myers Recreation CenterStart Date: 5/1/2012

Status: Completed
For Department: Parks and Recreation

Details: A 33,000 sq ft. recreation center will be added to the amenities at the North Fort Myers Community Park. The rec center will include two multi use courts that can be used for basketball, volleyball or badminton games. The center will have a weight room, five multipurpose rooms, one computer/lab room, one game room and a back porch to watch events. The facility will be hardened to withstand 150 mph winds and will be utilized by Lee County Public Safety as an emergency shelter when needed. The design cost for the facility is $454,925. The guarantee maximum price to construct the facility is $8,683,318. The selection of a consultant to design the recreation center began in November 2008. On December 9, 2008 the Lee County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) awarded the contract to Parker/Mudgett Smith Architects, Inc. Since construction funds were not budgeted until FY 12/13, the design did not begin until January 2010. In September 2011, the BoCC advanced the funding to FY 11/12
Estimated Completion Date: 10/31/2013

Location: 2000 North Recreation Park Way, North Fort Myers [ MAP ]

Funding Source: $9,098,624 loan, which will be reimbursed with impact fees from the North Fort Myers District.

Contractor: Chris-Tel Construction
Architect: Parker/ Mudgett/Smith Architects, Inc

Additional Information:
North Fort Myers Rec Center Rendering


August 20, 2012