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Justice Center Proper – 1st floor renovationsStart Date: 8/1/2011

Status: Completed
For Department: Clerk of Courts

Details: In 2002/03 a master plan was developed for the downtown justice center multi-phased project including renovations and remodeling to the existing justice center (referred to as JCP). The first floor of Pods B, C and D are in the process of being completely demolished and remodeled to house Clerk of Courts Departments. This will allow the relocation of some of the Clerks outlying groups back into the Justice Center complex. This renovation will also relieve overcrowding that currently exists on the second floor of the JCP. Pods B and C will house staff and files. Pod D will be used to accommodate Service Staff as well as service Clerk of Courts customers. The primary use of Pod D will be for customer service and transactions. The total square footage being renovated on the first floor is 37,712.
Estimated Completion Date: 11/1/2012

Location: 1700 Monroe St. Fort Myers, Florida[ MAP ]

Funding Source: General Fund

Contractor: Target Builders Construction Management, Inc.
Engineer: TLC Engineering for Architects
Architect: BSSW Architects