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Final Inspections


Final inspections of dock and shoreline structures must be requested within 6 months from date of building permit issuance.  If an inspection has not been completed within 6 months, the permit will expire and reissuance will be required to complete the project.  For reissuance of an expired permit, please contact the Permitting Office at (239) 533-8329.

Inspections can be easily requested through the 24 hour automated permit inspection system as follows: 

  • Call automated permit inspection system at (239-533-8997)
  • Press "1" for an inspection; Press "2" to cancel an inspection
  • Enter building permit number
  • Enter inspection type number
    • 118 - Dock & Shoreline Structure final
    • 106 - Final Framing (for boathouses)
    • 304 - Rough Electric (for boatlifts, lights, outlets)
    • 305 - Final Electric (for boatlifts, lights, outlets)
    • 501 - Roof - dry in (for boathouses)
    • 503 - Roof - final (for boathouses)
  • Receive confirmation number (it is recommended to retain the confirmation number until the inspection is complete)