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Dock and Shoreline Structure Permits Procedures
A boathouse

Docks and shoreline structures require building permits for construction. Dock related structures include boatlifts, boat davits, boathouses, fishing piers, boardwalks and mooring pilings. Shoreline related structures include seawalls, riprap rock revetments and other erosion control structures. Dredging is also permitted through the same procedure. Questions regarding the dock and shoreline procedures can be answered by an Environmental Sciences staff person.

Submit your application electronically! Lee County ePlan will allow contractors who are registered in Lee County to submit and receive permits and plans through our system, therefore reducing the paper, fuel, and time expenses associated with permitting. Each user will be required to complete a Lee County ePlan Agreement, which is an agreement between Lee County and a user to send and receive documents through our system. Click here for more information.


Adobe Reader Required Fillable version of Application

Adobe Reader Required Printable version of Submittal Requirements


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