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Hazard Trees


The following information is from the Land Development Code Chapter 14, Article V, Section 14-412.


What is the Criteria for Granting a Vegetation/Tree Removal Permit for a Hazard Tree? 

    • The administrator shall approve a permit for issuance for the removal of any protected tree if the administrator finds one or more of the following conditions is present:
    • Trees which pose a safety hazard to pedestrian or vehicular traffic or threaten to cause disruption to public utility services.

    • Trees which pose a safety hazard to existing buildings or structures.

    • Trees which prevent reasonable access to a lot or parcel so long as the proposed access point complies with all other county regulations.

    • Diseased trees which are a hazard to people, buildings or other improvements on a lot or parcel or to other trees.

    • Trees so weakened by age, storm, fire or other injury as to, in the opinion of the administrator, jeopardize the life and limb of persons or cause a hazard to property.

    • Trees which prevent the lawful development of a lot or parcel or the physical use thereof.

    • The administrator may require that a tree protected by this article be relocated on the same lot or parcel in lieu of removal.