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Impact Fees


Impact fees ensure that new development bears a proportionate share of the cost of capital expenditures necessary to provide specific services in the County.

Impact fees are assessed for new development and changes of occupancy.  They are assessed either at time of building permit issuance, move-in permits for mobile homes, or development order issuance for recreational vehicle parks.

Chapter 2 of the Land Development Code contains the fees as well as more specific information.  Specific questions can  be answered by emailing the Impact Fee Coordinator.

An impact letter is required as part of your permit application.


Information and backup documents from previous Board proceedings regarding impact fees






Mobile Homes not located within an established mobile home park will be treated as a single family residence for impact fee calculation purposes. 

Impact fees for golf courses (ie, tees, fairways, greens, accessory structures such as golf cart houses, etc.) are due and payable prior to the issuance of the development order for the golf course. The golf course club house and related club house facilities will not be included in the impact fee calculation for the golf course. Impact fees for the club house and related facilities will be calculated separately, at the time of building permit issuance for these facilities, based upon the uses encompassed by the club house facility.

Impact fees become due and payable at the time of building permit issuance. For purposes of the code, a building permit is considered "issued" when the permit meets all of the following criteria:

(1) the permit is approved by the County;
(2) has been picked up by the owner or his agent; and,
(3) all applicable fees have been paid.

[Also, NOTE: The development order process is separate and distinct from the building permit process and not relevant with respect to establishing when impact fees become due and payable, except as to golf courses and RV parks.]