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Go Green! with
Trade Permits & Plan Review

Lee County has multiple ‘green’ options for obtaining permits which are outlined below. All of the following options require a contractor to have a LEE COUNTY CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT on file with Lee County Contractor Licensing.
A full list of our applications can be found on our application page. 


Permits by Email (fillable applications)

Lee County’s Permit Applications can be filled out on your computer and signed using Adobe Reader. The applications which do not require plan review, for example the Stand Alone Trade Permit Application and the Subcontractor Form can be emailed to The ‘ready for payment’ notification and the permit will be returned by email. (Tip: Fill out just the contractor section of a fillable adobe form and then save it to your computer to create a ‘Master’ form for your company. Do not digitally sign the master document as this will prevent future signature verification.) 

Electronic Plan Review – ePlan

Lee County ePlan will allow applicants to submit and receive permits and plans electronically through our system, therefore reducing the paper, fuel, and time expenses associated with permitting. Click here for more information.


eConnect and Online Permitting

eConnect provides public access to our online database. The public can view cases for the following departments Permitting (building permits), zoning, development services, wells, DOT, Contractor Licensing, and Code Enforcement. Fee payments can also be made through eConnect. Click here to visit eConnect.

eConnect also allows for submittal of some types of building permit applications (mechanical, roofing, plumbing, electrical, solar, and driveway), in order to use this function of eConnect a contractor must submit an eConnect Registration form.   (Hint: these same permit types can be submitted by email (see above), without submitting an eConnect Registration form.)


Telephone Permitting (Subcontractor Pin)

This option is only available to subcontractors. It allows subcontractors to attach themselves to new construction permits (residential or commercial) using a pin number and a security code via the telephone. To request a pin number, send an email to include your company name and license number, an IVR agreement will be returned to you via email. The IVR agreement must be signed by the license qualifier and returned to Lee County Contractor Licensing. If a subcontractor does not wish to apply for a pin number, a subcontractor can also attach to new construction permits by email, using the subcontractor form (see ‘Permits by Email’ above).