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2014 Amendments

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CPA2014-00001  - Lower West Coast Water Supply Plan
Current Status - Discussion
(COUNTY INITIATED) Amend the Lee Plan to be consistent with the South Florida Water Management District's 2012 Lower West Coast Water Supply Plan.

CPA2014-00002  - Hideaway Cove
Current Status - Continued
Amend the underlying Future Land Use designation for the 32 acres subject property from Sub-Outlying Suburban to Outlying Suburban. Remove Policy 1.1.11 (1.a. and 1.b.).

CPA2014-00003  - Estero Community Plan Update
Current Status - Effective
(COUNTY INITIATED) The Estero Community Planning Panel is requesting approval of the proposed Estero Community Plan Update (Lee Plan Goal 19) to meet the community’s desire to encourage economic diversity; mixed-use centers; and, improve linkages between residential, commercial, and other uses.

CPA2014-00004  - WildBlue (Alico East)
Current Status - BoCC for Transmittal
Text and map amendments to establish an environmental restoration overlay within the density reduction groundwater resource future land use category.

CPA2014-00005  - Coconut Crossing
Current Status - Sufficient
Change of land use designation from Urban Community to Intensive Development to place property in mixed use overlay.

CPA2014-00006  - Capital Improvement Program
Current Status - Discussion
Amend the Capital Improvements Element by adopting revised Tables 3 & 4 to reflect the latest adopted Capital Improvement Program. Adopt the updated Lee County School Districts School Capital Improvement Program as Table 3(a) of the Capital Improvement Element.

CPA2014-00007  - Via Coconut Urban Place
Current Status - Sufficient
Request to change the future land use designation from Suburban and Public Facilities to Via Coconut Urban Place, includes updates to Map 1, Table 1(b), and addition of new policy 1.1.12.

CPA2014-00008  - Overriding Public Necessity Definition
Current Status - Discussion
(COUNTY INITIATED) Definition of overriding public necessity and application of the term within four planning communities (Bayshore, Buckingham, Alva and Caloosahatchee Shores).

CPA2014-00009  - Policy 18.1.16 Text Change
Current Status - Denied
APPLICATION FOR text change to Policy 18.1.16, Paragraph 1 (Mixed Use).