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Community Planning


In 2001, Lee County Commissioners adopted procedures to encourage community planning aimed at specific neighborhood interests, including development of community character and protection of natural and economic resources particular to that community.  Commissioners recognize the value of community input and provide financial support for these community efforts.  The final purpose of this planning is to refine the goals, objectives and policies of the Lee Plan applicable to specific areas of the county and to implement those plans through the amendments to the Land Development Code. 

Fourteen communities have worked with the Lee County Planning Division on neighborhood planning efforts. 

To view reports showing building activity or zoning applications in your area, please click here. Select "Planning Communities" from the "report type" list and then select a community from the "area" dropdown list.


Proposed amendments to community planning areas:

To view proposed Lee Plan amendments regarding community planning areas, click here.

To view current and proposed land use maps for each area, click here.

Adopted Administrative Procedures Governing Community Planning Efforts Receiving Financial Support from the Board of County Commissioners