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2004 Lee County Comprehensive Plan Update


What issues do you believe are most important to the sustainable development of Lee County? Does the current plan adequately address those major issues? What changes do you envision to better direct the development of our county through the comprehensive plan?

The Lee County Division of Planning has completed the transmittal document for the  Comprehensive Plan Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR).  This planning activity is mandated by Florida Chapter 163, the Growth Management Act. The EAR is a review of the Comprehensive Plan that is to be completed once every seven years. The 2004 review process will focus on the Lee Plan' effectiveness in dealing with major issues that face our county.


EAR Documents


Adobe Reader RequiredIssues Raised at Public, Agency, Department, and Scoping Meetings


Adobe Reader RequiredView the Staff Presentation Here (PowerPoint required)



Adobe Reader RequiredMatrix of Issues List (grouped by Major Issue) 


Adobe Reader RequiredProposed List of Major Issues for the Evaluation and Appraisal Report

Adobe Reader RequiredEvaluation and Appraisal Report
Presented to the Board of County Commissioners on August 26, 2004

Adobe Reader RequiredEvaluation Appraisal Report Appendix 

Adobe Reader RequiredEvaluation and Appraisal Report                       
  Adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on August 26, 2004


List of Amendments Recommended in the Evaluation and Appraisal Report 


Adobe Reader RequiredDCA Sufficiency Report

Adobe Reader RequiredResponse to DCA Sufficiency Report

Adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on October 12, 2005

Adobe Reader RequiredAppendix A - Population and Vacant Lands

Adobe Reader RequiredAppendix B - Municipal Annexations

Adobe Reader RequiredAppendix C - Statutory Changes

Adobe Reader RequiredAppendix D - Transportation

Adobe Reader RequiredAppendix E - Water Quality

Adobe Reader RequiredAppendix F - Air Quality

Adobe Reader RequiredAppendix G - Housing Element GOP Evaluation

Adobe Reader RequiredMajor Achievements 

Adobe Reader RequiredNeeds Assessment


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Adobe Reader RequiredDownload the latest Codification of the Lee Plan