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A Comprehensive Update of the Lee Plan


1. Evaluation & Appraisal Report - Adopted March 2011 Task Completed
2. Lee Plan Update –
    • Policy Issue Discussions - Completed Task Completed
    • Draft Elements - Under review through early 2013 Task Completed
    • Lee Plan Workshops - Throughout Lee County in April & May Task Completed
    • Final Approval Process - Through year-end 2015
3. LDC Update – To begin in 2015

New Horizon 2035 is a comprehensive review and update of the Lee Plan.  It includes three components: the Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR), the Lee Plan Update, and the Land Development Code (LDC) Update.   The EAR resulted in a sustainable vision for growth and development through the year 2035.  Lee County is now using this vision as the basis to update the Lee Plan’s goals, objectives and policies. Generally, the update encourages:

  • Infill and redevelopment in proper places
  • Protection of existing neighborhoods
  • Preservation of rural areas

This update is being completed in two parts.  First, policy issue discussions resulted in a series of issue papers presented monthly to the Local Planning Agency and Sustainability Committee.  Second, the Planning Division has presented drafts of the updated elements with specific changes in the goals, objectives and policies to the Local Planning Agency and Community Sustainability Advisory Committee.  This is ongoing.

The Board of County Commissioners received a status report on the process on Jan. 16, 2013. 


See below for materials related to each proposed element.  

• Capital Improvements 
• Communities
• Community Facilities and Services
• Community Safety and Wellbeing
• Conservation and Coastal Management
• Economic
• Future Land Use
• Glossary
• Historic Preservation
• Housing
• Intergovernmental Coordination
• Parks, Recreation and Open Space
• Procedures and Administration
• Transportation
• Miscellaneous Maps

The New Horizon 2035 Vision

Lee County will be a highly desirable place to live, work, and visit - recognized for its commitment to a sustainable future characterized by a healthful economy, environment, and community. Because of its commitment, Lee County will be a community of choice - valued for its quality of life; varied natural environment; unique sense of history and place; distinct urban, suburban, and rural communities; diverse economy and workforce; and varied travel options.

Draft elements will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners and the County’s local, regional, and state intergovernmental partners after the LPA and Sustainability Committee review.  The process for updating the Lee Plan will continue through 2015.


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