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Lee County ePlan
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Unincorporated Lee County’s electronic plan submittal portal

Lee County ePlan will allow applicants who are registered in Lee County to submit and receive information electronically, including permits, drawings, resolutions etc., therefore reducing the paper, fuel, and time expenses associated with submitting hard copy applications and multiple sets of plans. If the plans submitted through ePlan are required to be signed and sealed by a design professional, the contractor and design professional will need to coordinate efforts to comply with governing laws regarding electronic signatures. Please review the following information: Signing & Sealing/File Formats.

Step 1 - Register

Each user will need to agree to conduct transactions with Lee County electronically. Licensed Contractors need to submit a Lee County Licensed Contractor Agreement. Non-licensed contractors, (i.e. Agents, Authorized Signers) need to submit a Lee County ePlan Agreement.  Design Professionals who will be submitting signed and sealed plans/documents need to submit a Design Professional Digital Signature Affidavit if they will be using a digital signature to sign and seal plans.  If a design professional will be using PEDDS to sign and seal plans they must register with the Lee County ePlan Agreement.

Step 2 – Submit Applications by email / upload plans and documents

To begin using ePlan you must first email a completed application to Please email only the application to us. When a user submits their very first application, they will receive two invitation messages from Lee County by email. The first will be an invitation into Lee County ePlan; this invitation will contain installation directions, a temporary password, and further instructions on creating a secure profile.

The second invitation will be the invitation into the permit project. When the counter staff receives applications by email we create projects in ePlan and notify you by email when it is time for you to upload your plans and documents into the projects. Required fees will also be due at this time. Please follow the "File formats/Upload Directions" when uploading documents and submitting revisions.

Step 3 – Review Complete

Lee County and other required review departments will review the documents submitted, when the review is complete you will receive notification from Lee County which will contain further direction. If your plans are rejected, please follow the "How to Resubmit Plan Corrections after a Rejection" section of the "File formats/Upload Directions" document.
Step 4 – Printing your permit and approved plans

After receipt of all required documents and required fees, Lee County will make the approved documents and plans available for you to print from the ePlan project.
Additional Information:

Lee County Licensed Contractor Agreement
Design Professional ePlan Agreement
Lee County ePlan Agreement (Agent)

Permit Applications and Forms
Zoning Applications and Forms
How to Create a Digital Signature
Information on PEDDS
Program Information
Permit Revisions


If you wish to speak with someone regarding the ePlan process, please send an email to or call (239)533-8343.