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ePlan Components Installation for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8


If the operating system is Vista or Windows 7, the user will need to turn OFF UAC first. Additionally, if using IE 8, will need to turn off protected mode.


Turning Off UAC in Windows Vista and Windows 7

The following link explains how to control UAC in Windows Vista and in Windows 7. You’ll only need the first few directions and screen shots, the rest is blog. vista/ 


Turning off Protected mode in IE8

The next link explains turning off protected mode in IE8 (apparently turning off UAC in Windows 7 also disables protected mode for IE8)


Installing ePlan (aka ProjectDox) Client Components

After ensuring the above steps are completed, turn off any pop up blockers then install the client ePlan components from the link on the login page.


Once the ePlan Components are intstalled, log into Lee County ePlan.


Run Add on

Once logged into Lee County ePlan, visit the User’s Guide to Lee County Project’ and open any file from within the project, the first time you open a file in Lee County ePlan, you will be prompted to ‘Run and Add On’.



Once the components are installed, you can turn UAC and or protected mode back on.