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 A before and after of Lee County's new Landscaping regulations

Every piece of property has been given a specific zoning category. Zoning maps can be viewed on the Lee County Spatial Information System (LeeSpIns), or reviewed at 1500 Monroe Street. 

For General Zoning Information, please call (239) 533-8329, or click here to e-mail us.

Zoning maps can be purchased from the Property Appraiser’s Map Sales office at 2480 Thompson Street. Telephone: (239) 533-6159


Rezoning Process

A rezoning may be requested if an owner desires to use property for a use that is not currently allowed. All rezoning must be in conformity with the Lee Plan. An applicant is required to submit a completed application with the applicable supplemental requirements and a fee pursuant to the fee schedule.

Welcome to the Zoning Home PageThe general process for rezoning is:

  • Application submitted to Zoning Division
  • Staff review and written recommendation
  • Hearing Examiner public hearing
  • Recommendation forwarded to Board of County Commissioners
  • Decision at public hearing by Board of County Commissioners

 A before and after of Lee County's new Architectural regulations

An applicant is required to submit a different application and supplemental materials based on the zoning case type:

Conventional Zoning

Planned Developments

Special Exception


Administrative Variances and Amendments

Following a staff review of the application, that results in a written report, all rezoning are then subject to a public hearing before the Hearing Examiner. Applicants must give a brief presentation and respond to questions or cross-examination. Public participation via verbal or written comment is accepted. Procedures for the conduct of the public hearings before the Hearing Examiner are established in Administrative Code AC-2-6.

Zoning ProcessClick here to view Planned Development Rezoning, Conventional Zoning, and Variance or Special Exception processes along with approximate time frames.

For all conventional and planned development rezoning, the Hearing Examiner issues a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners, who decide on the matter at a public hearing.