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Permitting & Inspections: Commercial Forms

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To all our applicants,  

Effective November 3, 2014 all new permit applications coming into DOT for approval and issuing will need to be sent to the following email address:  Here the application will be designated and processed.  If you have a question and need a specific person, please provide the question in the email text and your request will be forwarded to that person.   We are looking to centralize all incoming applications so that nobody gets missed. 

Please note that the contact person that is placed on the application is the person that we will deal with if there are issues concerning the permit such as:  fees, inspection notices, and issues with the permit in general.   If there are others that we need to contact, please provide them as a contact as well.  With all people mentioned in an application please provide an adequate email and phone number.  

We appreciate your patience and ask that you bear with us as we move through these changes.   We are trying to improve our permitting process and are working to keep the turnaround time to a minimal for our residents and contractors.  Please remember that Lee County has up to two (2) weeks to process permits.  We review each permit that comes in to this office to ensure that there are no conflicts.  If there are problems with a permit we will contact the permittee with what we have found.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

 Applications & Agreements:

   Right-of-Way Application For Construction 


     Right-of-Way Construction Permit Bond
                            (Multiple Permit Form)

    Right-of-Way Construction Permit Bond
                              (Single Permit Form)

    Alternative Materials Hold Harmless       

Guidelines & Specifications:

    Pavement Restoration Guidelines


    Trench Restoration Detail for Lee County Road


    Catch Basin Specification                             

Pay Permit Fee's


To help aid in finding County right of ways and maintained roads click on this link for LeeSpinS , for assistant click on Help to guide you through. 

For Current FDOT Design Standards eBooklet follow this link:  FDOT Design Standards