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DOT Operation Department

 DOT Ditching Crew



Phone:     (239)533-9400
Fax:          (239)533-9445
Address:   5560 Zip Drive, Fort Myers, FL.  33905


Canals within Lee County may be maintained by the state DOT, county DOT, one of the cities (Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, or Bonita Springs), privately maintained or maintained by a water district such as East County Water Control District (maintains most of the canals in Lehigh Acres) or East Mulloch Drainage District (maintains most of the canals in the San Carlos Park area).  Call 239-533-9400 if you have questions regarding maintenance responsibilities of a canal. 

Roadway Maintenance (within the county right-of-way)

  • Pavement repair, shoulder work, grading, street sweeping, litter and debris pick up, and  minor roadway paving
  • Landscaping maintenance, tree trimming, irrigation system maintenance, mowing, and sight distance problems
  • Large dead animal pick up (those that are impeding the roadway and/or a safety concern to drivers)    Drainage maintenance, culvert cleaning, culvert repairs, and ditch/swale grading
  • Guardrail, handrail, barrier wall maintenance
  • Sidewalk and bike path repairs

Bridge Maintenance (county bridges only)

  • Bridge repairs and inspections
  • Bridge tender operations (opening and closing bridges)
  • Bridge permits for overweight/over dimensional vehicles

Canal Maintenance (county canals only)

  • Canal dredging, erosion control, and unwanted vegetation spraying
  • Canal maintenance, road mowing and gate repairs
  • Weir maintenance and control
  • Drainage pond maintenance
  • Note that canals are maintained primarily for hydraulic function (the flow of storm water) not for aesthetic reasons.