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DOT Toll Facilities Division

Services Provided:

The Toll Facilities Division provides safe and efficient operations of the Cape Coral, Midpoint Memorial and Sanibel Toll Facilities and bridges.  Toll Facilities provides cash toll collection and electronic toll collection through the issuance of transponders at the Leeway Service Center.


Toll Facilities:

Cape Coral Bridge
10100 College Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33919
Phone: 239-533-8655 (LeeTolls) FAX: 239-489-1802

Midpoint Memorial
1930 SE 23rd Terrace, Cape Coral, FL 33990
Phone: 239-533-8655 (LeeTolls)  FAX: 239-573-1723

Sanibel Causeway
18700 McGregor Blvd.,  Fort Myers, FL 33908
Phone: 239-533-8655 (LeeTolls) FAX: 239-466-1405


LeeWay Electronic Tolls Collection

LeeWay Service Center
1366 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33907
Phone 239-533-9297 (LeeWays)  Fax 239-278-7854


Revenue Collection:

  • Collect tolls mandated by Transportation Facilities Revenue Bonds, County Resolutions and Ordinances at the Cape Coral Bridge, Midpoint Memorial Bridge, and the Sanibel Causeway.
  • Secure and audit revenue collected at the three toll facilities and the Leeway Service Center.

Operations and Maintenance:

  • Process traffic safely and efficiently through Lee County Toll Facilities.
  • Perform routine maintenance and repair of toll equipment at all three toll facilities.
  • Provide routine facility maintenance and repair of bridges.
  • Perform routine ground maintenance of the Cape Coral Toll Facility, Midpoint Memorial Toll Facility and Sanibel Causeway.

Electronic Toll Collection:

  • Distribute and maintain approximately 100,000 Leeway transponders in over 65,000 Leeway customer accounts.
  • Sell annual and semi-annual Leeway discount programs for frequent bridge users.
  • Manage Toll Collection System software performance and upgrades.
  • Perform routine Toll Violation Enforcement on Lee County Toll Facilities.
  • Maintain interoperability with other state toll agencies.