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Lee County is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its employees.  As part of that commitment, employees and supervisors are responsible for continually reviewing and assessing workplace safety and workers' compensation injuries to determine where they are occurring and to develop programs that correct unsafe conditions and practices within the work unit.  Employees are expected to practice good safety habits and observe appropriate precautions at all times for the protection of themselves and their co-workers.  Even when every precaution is taken, injuries on the job may occur.  If an injury does occur, the supervisor must be notified immediately.

The purpose of this program is to establish procedures for administering Workers' Compensation and work related injury(ies) and/or illness(es) disability leave for employees and volunteers of Lee County Government in accordance with state laws and rules.  Lee County as an employer is self-insured for Workers' Compensation coverage.  The program is administered by Risk Management and acts as the "insurance carrier" for the purpose of paying benefits and fulfilling the County's obligation to provide Workers' Compensation insurance to it's employees and to facilitate the worker's return to gainful reemployment.

Florida Statute 440.09 also provides that if the injury is caused by the knowing refusal of the employee to use a safety appliance or observe a safety rule, compensation may be reduced by 25%. 

All claims shall be forward to Lee County Risk Management and Employee Health Services within the first 24-hours.