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Risk Management is responsible for administering the County's self insurance program for workers' compensation, general liability, automobile liability, and property damage claims.  

The County Risk Manager determines the appropriate amount of risk retained and if necessary, purchases excess insurance that limits the County's exposure to specific and aggregate losses.  In addition to purchasing commercial insurance products, the County, as a government entity, has protection under Florida's sovereign immunity statutes for large liability losses. 


Under Florida Statute 768.28, neither the state nor its agencies or subdivisions shall be liable to pay a claim or a judgment by any one person which exceeds the sum of $200,000 or any claim or judgment, or portions thereof, which, when totaled with all other claims or judgments paid by the state or its agencies or subdivisions arising out of the same incident or occurrence, exceeds the sum of $300,000.  Liability claims in excess of $200,000 per person or $300,000 per occurrence requires that a claim bill be passed by the Florida legislature before the excess judgment can be collected.