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Taking It To The Streets LogoIn honor of Earth Day, Lee County is Taking it to the Streets in 2012 to save money, increase wellness, enhance our community, and have fun!

  1. Events include:
    -- March 19-May 1: Transportation Expo at the Northwest Regional Library, Cape Coral
    -- Thursday, April 19: Ride LeeTran for FREE all day 

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What’s the point?

The goal is to create Transportation Transformation.  By Taking it to the Streets, we can save money, reduce carbon emissions, increase wellness, decrease stress, alleviate congestion, create a greater sense of community, and have fun along the way.


Why should I track my trips through Commuter Services?

Track your vehicle miles reduced (VMRs) at to see the benefits of your altenate commute and to help us measure the impacts community-wide.  Participants with the highest number of VMRs will win great PRIZES.  Consider starting a competition with you co-workers, friends or family to see who can have the biggest impact. 


How can I participate?

The challenge is to avoid driving alone to work, shop, and/or play. Instead, carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, walk, ride your bike or work from home.  If you’ve never done it before, this is the perfect time to try it! Whatever you do, have a great time and remember you are making a difference for yourself and the community!


Helpful Link 

Log into Trip Track to track your trips for prizes or find a carpool.