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Lee County Government

Lee County is a political subdivision of the State of Florida, governed by Florida's Constitution and general laws. Founded in 1887, Lee County became a Charter County upon approval of the voters on Nov. 5, 1996; effective Jan. 1, 1997.

The five-member Board of County Commissioners (the "Board") is the legislative and governing body of the County. Each County Commissioner is elected at large for a four-year term of office, and each Commissioner represents and resides in one of the five Commission Districts. The Board elects a Chairman who serves as its presiding officer. The County Manager, the County Attorney and the Hearing Examiner report to the County Commissioners.

The County Manager (the County's chief executive officer) is appointed by and serves under contract to the Board. This official is directly responsible to the Board for administration and operation of the County's departments.

The County Manager is responsible to the Board for the execution of all Board policies.

Map of Lee County Government Buildings 

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