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Emergency Management - Hurricane Preparedness

Lee County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
2675 Ortiz Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33905-7804
(239) 533-0622

The EOC is the official County Warning Point. The EOC receives emergency information through the Emergency Dispatch Center and reports serious emergencies to the State Warning Point located in the State EOC in Tallahassee. We in-turn coordinate State and/or Federal involvement or assistance within the County.

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People with Special Needs:
During an emergency special shelters provide a higher level of medical support than regular public shelters, but they are not for everyone. You must preregister and have a caregiver to accompany you to use a

Special Needs Shelter.
Qualifications vary from county to county, but there are specific requirements and procedures to register as a Special Needs client. Consult your physician and local Emergency Management office to see if you qualify for a Special Needs Shelter.

Special Needs Program Click on "Special Needs Program" on the right.

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