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Old Oak Tree Eagle Carving Dedication Ceremony

Event Date: 8/10/2011 4:00 PM
Lee County Courthouse
2120 Main Street
Fort Myers , Florida

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Eagle Carving
About the time the United States Constitution was being drafted in Philadelphia a small acorn set down tiny roots, and sent up a small trunk, beside what is today Main Street, in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida.  Thus began the remarkable life of an oak tree that would grow to be so large that it took five adults grasping hands to reach around her.  About 120 years later the Lee County Courthouse would take its place immediately south of the magnificent tree.  For a century that oak would be the landmark decoration for the seat of government.  In the mid twentieth century, as fear arouse that the huge extended limbs might someday fall and cause injury or damage, steps were taken to guard against such a calamity.  Those steps included driving large steel pins through the main trunk and connecting them to other steel pins in the outer limbs by steel cables.  All went well for the next half century.  But then some of those outer limbs began to break, ironically right where the pins had been placed years ago.  Sadly, government officials concluded that the historic tree had to go.  A suggestion came forth to consider using the tree base and part of the stump to immortalize the landmark that had graced the courthouse for so long.  A year long study as to how to accomplish this ensued, and it was finally decided to bring in nationally acclaimed wood working artist, and Florida resident, Marlin Miller, and have him create from the tree the very symbol of Liberty, and American Eagle in flight.  Before you flies his magnificent creation, guarding forever the work done for our citizens at the center of government.  The protective steel pins can still be seen in the artist’s work.  Miller donated his services to the citizens of Lee County.  

Dedicated August 2011

Commissioners Frank Mann, Chairman; John Manning, Vice Chairman; Brian Bigelow, Ray Judah, Tammy Hall


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